Best Restaurants In Ontario For Hosting Wedding

There are community centers in Ontario where events like weddings take place. But recently there has been a trend of hosting weddings at restaurants. That’s why you will find many restaurants in Ontario having the space and facilities to host such events. Here are some of the best restaurants in Ontario where you can host a wedding.

George Restaurant

This restaurant is well known for good food and outstanding service. It has a full bar where you will find a wide selection of wines. You can have a small or a big wedding celebration here. It can accommodate more than 200 guests. The atmosphere is very warm and elegant. There is a nice outdoor patio where you can entertain some of your guests.


This is a modern and elegant wedding venue.

It has a huge space to accommodate about 500 guests. When you enter the venue, you will get a modern feel, though the building is very old. This is a good venue for a large wedding party.


Here you will find a good selection of dishes for your special day. It has beautiful interior decoration. The entire place has rich and earthy tones. They use the best ingredients when making dishes, so you will find high-quality food here.

The staffs are friendly and will provide you with an excellent service. This restaurant can accommodate about 150 guests. It is a multi-storied building, so you can have your event on multiple floors to include all your guests. The upper balcony is beautiful and a great place to take photographs.


You can get a beautiful view of Lake Ontario from this restaurant. Being able to accommodate about 140 guests, this venue offers splendid views and awesome food. You don’t have to pay any rental fee for this venue, so you will save a lot of money.

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

The staff here will help you in every way to make your day special and memorable. The food, décor, and service are praiseworthy. It has an airy interior which will make the guests feel comfortable. It can hold up to 200 guests. There is a large patio where 50 guests can sit for a drink.

These restaurants are well managed and have all the resources required to put up a successful wedding ceremony. They are a much more affordable option than booking convention centers.