Top 5 Bars And Eateries In Ontario

If you visit Ontario, you will be impressed by the sheer number of restaurants and bars it has. Most of these places serve high-quality food and drinks. Here you will learn about some of the best bars and restaurants in Ontario.

Cocktail bar

This is one of the best after-hour destinations in Ontario. They consider making cocktails an art. Here you will get bottles of rum and other drinks. The cozy low-lit place is stocked with bottles of various types of drinks. You will love the atmosphere of the bar.

Bar Raval

The bar has a beautiful mahogany interior. You will have a unique drinking experience here. The bar is open from mid-morning to late at night. So, if you are strolling after dinner, you can get inside the cozy bar.

Along with lots of drinks, you can have delicious food like smoked mackerel. The bartender can create unique drinks for your according to your preference and also suggest food to go with it.

Paris Paris

This bar is packed every day with residents and tourists who come here to have a good time. People even come here during office time to take a break from their work. If you love natural wine, then this is the place you must visit. Food is also part of the menu, and you have a double cheeseburger or other snacks here along with your favourite drinks.

Birreria Volo

You will get the funkiest beer bottles here. The bar has a youthful vibe which you will enjoy. It is a 26-tap bar with a heated patio at the back. You will get goses, saisons and other ales here. The bar snacks include tinned fish, cheese, fried chicken, and other snacks.


If you want to have a fine French dining experience, then you should head to Alo. It has a cocktail bar and a great-tasting menu. The décor is wonderful. The dishes and drinks are well crafted, which makes it a favourite destination for the foodies.

These bars and restaurants are highly recommended by many people, and they also have received good ratings. You will have a wonderful time at these places.